SAVAGE GALAXY: Anthology is an anthology series comic book which showcases stories from around the galaxy. There will be different SAVAGE GALAXY comic book series but Anthology is where I posit small stories and ideas. Some of the characters and story lines will have a broader impact on the SAVAGE GALAXY universe and may make appearances in other comics and video games.

As Robert Kirkman’s idea for the “The Walking Dead” was that it was a zombie movie that never ended, my idea for “SAVAGE GALAXY” is that it is a sci-fi video game that never ends.

The artwork for Anthology is supposed to look like game art and is not typical of comic book art, so I expect some…. initial resistance to SAVAGE GALAXY in the comics community and thus, I am not expecting huge sales numbers until the property finds its footing. Sales not withstanding, I am fully committed to finishing the first volume of SAVAGE GALAXY within two years complete with the best artwork that I can produce.

SAVAGE GALAXY: Anthology #1 went LIVE on Kickstarter on August 16, 2021 and was fully funded by August 22, 2021.

A Phoenix Rises From The Ashes

I have built and destroyed this website so many times that I can’t remember. This last time though, I lost ALL my previous posts and comments. It was sad because I was using this site to document my growth as an artist. I started learning how to 3D model with 3DS Max in 2015 in my off-time. I started Zbrush in 2017. Started learning and importing assets into Unreal Engine in late 2018. All along the way, I would upload what I was working on, whether good or bad (mostly OK), to this website.

I lost it all. It’s like losing a save file that you’ve had for years that has maxed out abilities even on Game+. So in the next couple of days and weeks I’ll try and re-upload everything that I can find. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Currently, I’m working on SAVAGE GALAXY. I am committed to making SAVAGE GALAXY a long-living franchise. It is where I can pour my ideas into reality. I love sci-fi and have always wanted to make something of my own, so one day I just did it. Going at it alone is a long, arduous process that requires a lot of patience. I’m not doing any of this for money or fanfare, I’m doing this because it makes me happy. I like to make stuff that is cool, looks cool and sparks creativity. That is why I’m not putting ads on or is a Next.js/ React built website. I am constantly writing code and updating the site, at the moment I’m trying to solve a CORS related problem, but as always, no biggie. I 3D-modeled almost every 3D asset myself, excluding kitbashed assets. All art is done by me. In saying all that, it is a slow process to will everything into reality. Sometimes it seems daunting but I once I find my footing I’ll be okay.

Anyways, I’ll keep creating and having fun. Thanks for joining my journey.